COMGATE is an information technology company with many years of operation in the field of system integration and is a prestigious partner of global technology companies such as Cisco, IBM, Dell, SIEMENS, Schneider, Microsoft, Oracle,  HP,…


  • System integration
    Provide and implement overall information technology systems for organizations, and many fields such as public finance, banking, telecommunications, healthcare.
  • Technology services
    Consulting services, designing and deploying information network services to build system of network services according to customer requirements, built on platform Windows, Linux, UNIX depending on size and requirements of customers
  • Software development
    Develop and build software programs that work with fields such as computer technology, application engineering, hardware development, and technical sales, making requirements analyses and developing specialized solutions for users , including simulation and modeling of software architectures
  • Trading
    Comgate performs business operations in the IT sector, technology services, enterprise and dedicated software solutions, automation solutions, consulting and providing IT services to customers with medium and large scale and corporations.