Our products

1. MediGate
  • Comprehensive solution for sale and managing operations of  pharmacies, drugstore chains.

  • Simple, convenient, cost-saving, fully compliant with the Ministry of Health’s regulations.

  • Certified by Ministry of Health  to connect with National Pharmacy Database

  • Fully integrated of existing payment methods.

2. V2TGate

V2TGate: The solution automatically converts audio files (audio) into text (Text)
Practical application:
+ MONITORING CALLS: Integrated into the PABX system / CCU’s Business
Enterprise to monitor, improve the quality of the telephone and detect in time the call suspicious
+ virtual assistant, SECRETARY oF MEETINGS: Support reporter and units and organizations wishing to peel the tape, recorded at the seminars, press conferences or in interviews
+ eQUIPMENT aND SOFTWARE: Integrated into the equipment or products and services in the health facilities, buildings, businesses save manpower, time and improve the quality of services (prescription drugs, profile, …)

3. T2SGate

T2SGate: the solution automatically converts text (text) to voice Vietnamese Applications:
+ PBX automatically: Integrated into the switchboard automatically to call customers for the purpose of media content written scripted
+ Read electronic newspaper: Support readers can listen to all newspapers mail on the website instead of having to read words like tradition
+ MC and Fantasy film Notes: Built-in TV channels as MC Notes Virtual or subtitles. Help reduce the time, cost of personnel for this work and increase work efficiency

4. FaceGate

FaceGate: Solution camera AI
+ Roll Students: Attendance automatic recognition technology Face
+ Surveillance Security security: the system detects, alerts when signs of strangers. + Search for students, strangers, the bad guy image. Warning when entering hazardous areas
+ Improve the quality of Sales: Identification, Statistical customers have been buying
+ Close, open automatically: Based on the image data has been stored, the camera will recognize
Face to close, open at
+ attendance: Automated timekeeping employee in the company. Can at the same time timekeeping for employees
+ Camera Traffic: Automatically detects and records the image of the local
amenities of traffic violations

5. eKYCGate

eKYCGate: Based on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in face recognition and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), COMGATE provides a solution to identify and extract information from images to help digitize. Personal identification documents: Identity card, Citizenship, Passport, Driver’s License, accuracy up to 98%


  • The solution can be integrated into applications of many organizations, dictionary Figure is the Block of Customers providing Financial Services, Telecommunications, Public Services, … for people, such as: Bank, Telecommunications, Insurance, ..

  • Extract information on identification documents , help automate the process of filling information of users, shorten input time, minimize errors and bring satisfaction to customers.

  • Verify identity accurately based on photos taken (selfies with App Customers; or photos taken at the time of transaction at the counter) and photos on identification.

6. EMR Gate

EMR –  Electronic Medical Record: is a digitized solution, storing electronic medical records of patients with the aim of replacing paper ones in health centers, has legal basis and is equivalent to paper medical records in Law on medical examination and treatment.


  • Comprehensive digitization & stored data on a server

  • Lookup fast, convenient

  • Applying electronic  signatures, convenient exchange of medical information according to international standards such as: HL7, ICD 10, DICOM, EMR.

7. Edu Gate

EDU GATE is OTT communication platform for schools and training centers in Vietnam. No message, no Facebook, no Zalo, school manually send and receive information feedback from parents easily through the mobile application:

  • Free initializing, Easy to install and use

  • Active: School proactively manages contact information, sends information from student parents,

  • Integration payment methods school fee

  • Provide school management functionality on application: grade, teacher, nutrition, studying, schedule.

  • Data security: All information is managed by school

8. Enegy land

Energyland is smart energy management solutions, optimizing energy consumption efficiently for organizations with multiple sizes and in multiple different geographical locations, such as: Huge companies, Factory center, Large Buildings, Multinational corporations ….

Based on infrastructure connecting sensors, then measure power consumption  at different positions within organization, the solution provides  comprehensive database, system analysis, reports, monitor real-time energy efficiently with intuitive charts, smart center…

9. Facility land

FacilityLand is management facility solution to manage, monitor, statistic, analyze, support maintainance … for  unified infrastructure based on BIM (Building Information Modeling). 

Main modules:

  • Space Land: Management area, Space,… in the organization.

  • Tech Land: Management technical equipment.

  • Servive Land: Management operation services, maintenance services.. for infrastructure of the Organization.

  • Energy Land: Managing energy consumption of the Organization.

10. M-Care

Software solutions to manage complaints and denunciations:
+ Apply for bars Check provinces inter 4 levels from commune to provincial and district connected to the national database of the government Inspectorate KNTC.
+ For customers: Provincial Inspectorate, District Inspector, Office of People’s Committees of provinces and districts
Management software solutions inspectors check:
+ Apply manage the planning, processing inspection check overlapping business, records management processes, electronic log inspection team.
+ For customers: Provincial Inspectorate and inspection departments
Software Solutions declaration of assets and income:
+ Apply records management asset declaration of income of civil servants Officials at the unit , according to the anti-corruption law takes effect 
+ For customers: Provincial Inspectorate, Department of Internal Affairs, the Interior room district, the organizing committee of the provinces and districts

11. CallbotGate

CALL BOT: The solution of automatic communication with customers, which is researched and developed on the basis of artificial intelligence technology to help users answer and provide information via voice.

Features to support communication through:

  • Natural conversation
  • Contextual answers
  • Listening, speaking, answering in 2 ways Voice format
  • Staff can join to support in the answering process


  • Provide full, accurate and quick information
  • Helping Customer Service to improve service quality, minimize manpower and time.
  • Meet for many users at a time
  • Actions, convenient procedures, use anytime anywhere (24/7)
  • Easily update, edit when data changes.
12. ULearnGate

Ulearn Gate: The Online Training Platform (LMS) provides organizations / businesses a comprehensive solution for visual organization, management, and training, for internal training, or training for customers outside of the organization. Fully meet the demand, type, size and of customers

Key features:

  • Compatible with latest E-learning standards: CORM 1.2 & 2004, Tin Can (xAPI), HTML, Flash, Video, PPT, PDF
  • Create convenient online courses
  • Customization easy: The platform can be changed to suit the organization’s workflow
  • Effective implementation: cloud-based platform
  • Support multi-language, Support virtual classroom, Support Digital Marketing
  • Providing services of digitizing lectures and materials; Banking Course


  • Flexibility to open training classes, Save costs
  • Standardize knowledge, Optimize time
  • Professionalization
  • Contribute to increasing sales

Our services


Integrating and Deploying shared POS system with  Sale & Management application for Merchants (VAN service – Value Added Network)

ComGate is local partner of Alliex Group in Viet Nam. Alliex Group:  Global Payment Service Provider


We can provide basic items of data center infrastructure:

  • Core system such as Server, firewall, and router, switch … as well as specified software.

  • Power, source distribution, and UPS system

  • Precision air conditioning system

  • Network cable and telecommunication system

  • Central switching system

  • Core network system

  • Rack and power supply cabinet system

  • Access control and monitor system

  • Fire alarm, smoke alarm, fire-fighting, liquid anti-leakage, environment monitor systems

  • Floor leveling system

  • Earthling and lighting-proof system, individual and overall administration systems

3. Unified Communications

Comgate provides unified communication solutions offer by several well-known vendors such as: Cisco, Polycom…. UC solutions have ability to unify voice, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks, IP networks

4. Information Satellite Systems
  • HF, MF, VHF, AM, FM receiving and transmitting system solutions for communication, search and rescue purposes (R&S).

  • Public Address & General Alarm

5 Network Transmission Infrastructure
  • Network and core, access switching solutions based on technology of DWDM, SDH, METRO, FTTx

  • Network and unified communication solutions.

  • Unified computing solutions.

  • Network centralized management solutions.